Meeting Tariq's cultural needs

Tariq is a practicing Muslim and he has a learning disability and autism. He is currently living in a shared supported living service with other people with similar needs. It was identified during Tariq’s initial assessment that he required on-going support to meet his cultural and religious needs. From this guidelines were created and implemented around areas which staff recognised they lacked understanding so that Tariq’s needs were met.

From this the staff at Voyage Care undertook their own research into Tariq’s religion and needs. They utilised meetings to discuss findings and upcoming events and support planning. These meetings acted as informal training sessions on Tariq’s culture and religion so that all the staff understood and was fully aware of how to support Tariq.

The team at Voyage Care consistently worked in collaboration with Tariq’s family so that they could capture information and knowledge about his culture, which included contributing to support plans, giving advice and information. His parents actively supported us in the recruitment process of Tariq’s support worker who was also a Muslim man.

Tariq was recently invited to attend a birthday party at a nearby service, with all the information that had been passed to our support staff they were able to ensure that all food was halal and prepared in line with Tariq’s needs so that he could fully participate with the activities. Afterwards the staff at Voyage Care revisited the Equality and Diversity training that had been previously provided.

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This person chose to remain anonymous, therefore, we have changed some information to protect their confidentiality.