Bike crash left Lee in coma for 8 months

Lee has made a miraculous recovery after a motor bike accident five years ago. From being in a coma for 8 months and relying on medical machinery to eat and breathe, he is now living back at home and can walk short distances unaided.

Lee doesn’t need help with personal care, but we are supporting him to get involved in social activities and helping him to rebuild his life.

Charmaine Ozolins is a Clinical Case Manager for Voyage Care and she works closely with Lee. She told us about his recovery:

“Lee was involved in a motor bike accident in 2012, which left him with an acquired brain injury. He was in a coma for eight months and underwent nine operations. Lee was reliant on medical technology initially to eat and breathe.

After 34 months of rehabilitation in hospital and at a brain injury rehabilitation unit in Leeds, Lee has made a miraculous physical recovery and now walks short distances unaided.

Lee is now back at home and has support from a Voyage Care health care assistant for 31 hours per week. We work with Lee six days a week to help him engage and be involved with social activities, attend appointments, access places of his choice, manage appointments/activities and support Lee in developing daily life skills.

Lee’s health care assistant helps him to travel about, the nature of his accident and the surgeries on his legs mean that he can experience discomfort in his feet and his legs tire.

Before his accident, Lee admits that his life was not travelling in a good direction. Since the accident, in Lee’s words he has ‘transformed’ his life and found a new passion in music.

Lee visits a vocal coach every week, which has enabled his speech to become clearer and slower paced. More importantly for Lee, his vocal coach is helping him to release an EP.

The EP will consist of four songs that Lee has written independently and will be released this summer. Lee has found that music is a release for him and enables him to channel his feelings into something positive that he hopes will entertain people.

When we are supporting Lee, he will often write lyrics on his phone as they come to him. He shares them with us and asks us for our thoughts on the words and cover photos that he has taken.

Lee is a very confident and charming young man who is an inspiration to those around him. He has overcome significant challenges and believes without hesitation that his dream of been a successful artist and song writer will come true.”

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