Alcohol left Kayleigh with brain injury

Kayleigh was already receiving community support to tackle her alcohol misuse when she was admitted to hospital with encephalopathy. Encephalopathy is a general term describing a disease that affects the function or structure of the brain.

Her brain injury made it difficult for Kayleigh to complete daily living tasks and she was struggling with anxiety. When she moved to a Voyage Care home, she wanted to find new ways to self-manage her stressors and subsequent anxieties.

Kayleigh’s professional team quickly noted that, with encouragement and prompts to use supportive strategies, she was improving daily - gaining more confidence, becoming safer and more accurate in any given activity – and would soon be ready to live in her own accommodation again.

Kayleigh had a very limited local support network, so the Voyage Care team and her social worker guided and supported her through the completion of her house sale, and the acquisition of a more manageable flat.

The neuro-occupational therapist visited the flat with Kayleigh, re-assessed her needs, and helped her to adapt her strategies and suggested assistive devices. Kayleigh used her psychotherapy sessions to reflect on any new or recurring anxieties and how she might cope when living alone.

Kayleigh planned the practicalities of her move, and started to spend longer time periods in her flat supported by Voyage Care staff. A referral was made to the local reablement team and Kayleigh chose her own date to finally leave her Voyage Care home.

When the reablement team withdrew, Kayleigh was settled and happy in her own environment and needed no further paid support. She has kept in touch with her keyworker and Manager at Voyage Care, and is excited to share news of how she has been progressing and enjoying her new lifestyle.

This person chose to remain anonymous, therefore, we have changed some information to protect their confidentiality.

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