Finding Katie's culinary flair

Katie lives with learning disabilities and Asperger’s Syndrome, an autistic spectrum condition. Katie likes to feel in control of her life as much as possible, but she lacked confidence when planning activities. This meant that she did not always have access to meaningful activities. Once our key worker built a trusting relationship with Katie she expressed she wanted to try new activities.

Katie was given a personal budget to manage her support needs. Working with Katie our support team looked at ways her budget could be used to deliver the outcomes she wanted to achieve. Katie said she had always wanted to learn to cook, and so they found a local cookery class.

Initially her key worker would attend the classes with her. Eventually when Katie had built up enough confidence it was agreed that staff would only support her with travel and with purchasing the required items on her shopping list.

Katie was eventually able to independently prepare herself snacks and light meals, and instead of her support worker helping her prepare her everyday meals, they would support her twice a week to create a healthy meal plan for the week.

Katie is now managing a healthier and balanced diet and has increased her range of activities to include taking trips to galleries and museums as well as going on holiday. With the help of the staff from Voyage Care, Katie has been supported to develop a better understanding of her finances and manages her budget more effectively. Katie now has greater control of her life, her confidence has grown and she is now looking at what she can achieve next.

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This person chose to remain anonymous, therefore, we have changed some information to protect their confidentiality.