John moves into his own flat

In 2012, at the age of just 23, John was shot through the head and right eye while serving as a soldier in Afghanistan.

He was taken to Kabul for emergency surgery before being flown to Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital for further treatment. Once John started to recover, he was transferred to the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre in Epsom, before moving to one of our acquired brain injury rehabilitation centres in Nuneaton in 2014.

Our team worked with John to devise a tailored support plan which would allow him to transition from a residential setting to our ‘step-down’ service, where he would be able to build his confidence and regain his independent living skills.

With support from our staff and therapists, John showed that he was able to manage within a house setting so we worked with him to build a suitable support package that would enable him to finally move into his own home.

We worked closely with John and Veteran Services to facilitate his move into a veteran supported living setting within the community. Our brain injury-trained staff continued to support him to ensure that the specialist approach to his rehabilitation was maintained.

We also developed a separate therapy package in line with John’s needs and goals to allow him to continue to improve with his physical disabilities while in his own home.

John's amazing recovery saw him walk up Snowdon in 2017, raising £1,500 for charity.