Getting Danny ready for college

Danny is a young man who is supported by Voyage Care in a residential home. He has mild learning disabilities and mental health needs. At his person-centred review Danny expressed that he would like to attend college, this was fully supported by his parents and support worker. Danny also wanted to be able to travel to and from his leisure activities with the support of his parents and support workers, so that he could lead a more independent and self-fulfilling life. With this information we were able to develop an action plan with Danny, enabling him and his support worker to plan and work positively towards his goals.

Danny and his support worker researched college courses that interested him, were accessible and suited his needs. Danny went to visit colleges and met tutors from the courses he had researched. When Danny had all the information he needed, he chose the course he wanted to access. The college was able to arrange the necessary funding and timetable planning for him to start; this was big step towards Danny’s goal of becoming more independent.

Before Danny started his course, the staff at Voyage Care helped him to plan his travel route. They worked together to use apps on his mobile phone and soon Danny was able to start college. When Danny started college his support worker travelled with him on buses to help him to build his independence skills. Over time Danny’s confidence grew and he asked if he could try the route by himself. His support worker and family respected his decision and from that day his support worker no longer needed to travel with Danny; he was independent when traveling locally. Danny was then increasingly able to engage in the larger community which has in-turn contributed to increasing his job prospects.

Throughout this process Voyage care has been able to support Danny to live a more independent and fulfilling life. The team at Voyage Care has also been able to support Danny’s transition into adulthood by promoting his independence to appropriately manage his finances.

Over time Danny has been supported to grow his independence skills, this has led to a reduction in the level of support that he requires, which in-turn has reduced the cost of his one to one care package.

Danny’s parents said “As parents, we feel Voyage Care have taken on board what we’ve said is important for our son, we feel listened to and that it is a real partnership. Things have been moving forward at a great pace!”

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This person chose to remain anonymous, therefore, we have changed some information to protect their confidentiality.