Andrew’s living a better life, thanks to Mannering Avenue

Andrew, who we support in Scotland, was previously supported by another provider up until early 2016 – and since then, there has been a remarkable difference in him, thanks to the staff team at Mannering Avenue.

Andrew has autism and challenging behaviour and before he was under the care of Mannering Avenue, his daily routine wasn’t helping him. His personal hygiene levels were low, he had very little sleep, followed a poor diet and he would only participate in activities that were focused around technology, such as video games.

Andrew needed a much more structured environment.

“When Andrew first moved into Mannering Avenue, he presented volatile behaviour and a lot of anxiety. He would challenge all requests asked of him and would act out by physically hitting and biting staff and throwing objects,” said Ryan, support worker at Mannering Avenue.

To maintain structure and routine, a small core staff team was introduced and they worked with Andrew on his behaviour.

“The staff would attempt to reassure Andrew as well as use positive behavioural support techniques. The team also attended face to face autism training where they learned to gain a better understanding of Andrew’s anxiety – which ultimately bettered their relationship with Andrew,” added Jennie, deputy manager of Mannering Avenue.

Andrew’s support team also had input from the local mental health team, occupational therapy professionals, social workers and the speech and language team.

Five months on, Andrew’s routine is in much better shape. His day starts much earlier and he goes to bed at a reasonable hour; looking forward to what the next day will hold.

Andrew’s activities now include arts and crafts and listening to music.

Andrew’s relationship with his father is also much better - they now enjoy day trips together.

“Andrew’s happiness is contagious – he is so much more relaxed and we really enjoy supporting him. Thanks to the staff team here at Mannering Avenue, Andrew’s life has greatly improved and we look forward to the future,” said Jennie.

This person chose to remain anonymous, therefore, we have changed some information to protect their confidentiality.

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