"I love the work I do"

In my early 20’s, I worked for a local landscaping company in Scotland. The job was below minimum wage at the time, but the money didn’t bother me. I enjoyed gardening and just wanted to do a job I loved instead of sitting in an office all day. I then moved to England, where I met my wife, and I took a job at a garden centre. During the weekends I would do some voluntary work at a residential home near to where I lived.

I found I enjoyed this so much more than my paid job so I decided to research some regional care companies and distribute my CV. Voyage Care replied after a couple of days saying they had a position at a supported home where the residents needed a gardener, 10 minutes from where I live! I jumped at the opportunity for an interview and within three weeks I was ready to start my first day.

Two years on I’m still with Voyage Care and now do various maintenance jobs alongside the gardening for three homes in my area. I love the work I do and often the lads living there will come out during the summer and help me plant new flowers. They listen and remember what I’ve taught them regarding seasons and methods etc. it’s great I feel like a teacher too!

I would definitely recommend working in the care sector, it is massively rewarding and I feel like I’m doing something useful every day and making friends at the same time.

Alan Gibson

At Voyage Care, we know it takes great people to build a great company. That’s why we are committed to creating a culture that empowers to be your best every day. If you share our passion for person-centred care, we can promise you a career that offers you benefits, recognition and great training and development opportunities.

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