Partners and associates

Partnership with National Autistic Society

Our partnership with the NAS provides assurance that our support is of the highest standard.

The NAS Autism Accreditation is an internationally-recognised process of support and development for those providing specialist services to autistic people.

So far, three of our care homes and one day centre accredited by NAS and an additional 33 teams are working towards accreditation. Implementation of the accreditation programme is being led by Shaji Rajamony (Raj), an autism specialist Voyage Care manager and NAS assessor.

Headway accredited services

All of our 18 brain injury rehabilitation services have been granted Headway Approved Provider status - a process which ensures our services can demonstrate the required specialist care for those we support. This includes, making sure our staff are aware and responsive to issues and complications that can occur to someone with a brain injury, as well as being considerate to not only the individual, but also to their close support network.

Membership with Prader-Willi Syndrome Association

We are Gold members of PWSA, providing people living with Prader-Willi syndrome and their closest support network with reassurance that the care and support we provide, is of the highest possible standards and in line with best practice.

Our membership also offers us access to professional advice and information regarding the rare syndrome and insight into the latest developments on care, research and dietary management, so you can be sure that our support is relevant to individual’s needs.

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