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Black Dragons by Dawn McPherson

First Place - Dawn McPherson, Renton Court

Handprint Dragon by Falcons Rest

Runner Up - Group Entry, Falcons Rest

Shaun The Dragon by Emma and Peter and Adrian 1

Highly Commended - Emma, Peter and Adam, BROCS

Beckys Dragon by Becky Manning

Becky Manning, Hinckley Supported Living

Brians Masterpiece by Brian Sheard

Brian Sheard, Walkers Lodge

Bryans Dragon by Bryan Hannaford

Bryan Hannaford, The Granary

Aquarius by Carol Kitchen

Carol Kitchen, Agricola House

Spirit of the Dragon by Chris Haines

Chris Haines, Markham House

The Dragonaut by Cyril Higgins

Cyril Higgins, Coleman Street

Orange Dragon and Friends by Damian Anderson

Damian Anderson, Birchwood Bungalow

Fire Dragon by Helen Downing

Helen Downing, Hillbrow

Puff The Magic Dragon by Irene Bratley

Irene Bratley, 36 West Street

The Dragon Queen by Jenny Theobald

Jenny Theobold, Chantry Gardens

First Flights at Dusk by Lee Elmer

Lee Elmer, 26 Beaconsfield Road

DeeDee Baby Dragon by Louisa King

Louisa King, Maeres House

Ish Ish by Matthew Jordan

Matthew Jordan, Deja Vu

Scorpio by Paul Hirst

Paul Hirst, Summerfield Court

Ritas Dragon by Rita Graham

Rita Graham, 14 St Catharines Square

A Pagemaster by Scott Mitchell

Scott Mitchell, Grove Resource Centre

Moon Dragon by Frances Ayul

Frances Ayul, 74 Sir Evelyn Road

China by Treddinoch

Group Entry, Treddinoch

Chinese Dragon by Hannah Fulton 1

Hannah Fulton, Bellfield Avenue

Cup Dragon by Alex Milner

Alex Milner, Lions Cross

Glitter Monster by Amy and Anne-Marie Farnaby

Amy and Anne-Marie Farnaby, Saxon Lodge

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